Call Center Supervisor

I am a Call Center Supervisor.
And some days I am not.
On Tuesday
I could be
a counselor.
And on Wednesday
a social worker.
Thursday - a priest
[listening to confession].
Listening to stories, that would make your mind
Watching as huge, croc-o-dile tears roll
down the faces of these women
are being beaten
taken advantage of
These ones
feel like there's no way out,
but to
and then
scream and shout
when confronted with the err of their behavior
[in the workplace].
And the truth of it is
they're simply stuck.
Stuck in the mire of family cycles
of generational
Not believing they can change,
or have change
for their children.
Hope is a foreign word.
Love is relative
[to what you have, give, and expect].
Trust is something to be laughed at.
Why should I
how could I
[really, can I?]
[after all - you're just my supervisor]
And all one can do
is pray.
and cry.
and speak soothing words
to calm the skittish
And hope that
the decisions they make
[but they will]
haunt them.
And yet,
at the end of the day
I am
but a


Gird up your loins.........

I am alive.........apparently contrary to popular belief.
I have somewhat dropped off the face off the earth recently. 
My life is consumed...not by what I wish it would be consumed by...but by other frivolities.

I have realized lately, what a ridiculous fraud my life is, in comparison to what it is everyone else perceives it to be.
I call myself a Jesus-following Christian.......but my time alone with Him is lacking.
I try to uphold morals and standards....but am not often speaking with the One who gives them.
I find that depth and insight are lacking.....because I am so full of the world and its garbage.
If I would only spend time with the Lord, the inward parts of my being would be purged of these things, and I would be refilled with peace and joy.
But alas, I meander my way through the days, being distracted and without purpose....just living to live.
Working to live.....sleeping to work....and rotating back and forth in that cycle.

Sounds pleasant, doesn't it?
[yes, yes........I was being facetious]

And then I hear in my head, 'Buck up, Milburn! You were not created to live life like this! Gird up your loins! [(I Peter 1:13) means to prepare for strenuous mental activity, and warns of the necessity to guard your mind (Proverbs 4:23).] Prepare for your day! There is a real spiritual battle going on!'

But.......that is not often what I do. Thus, the days are long....full of strife and every evil thing [James 3:16].

I suppose to bare bones truth of it all......is that I desire simplicity. Truth. Honesty. Peace. Joy. Love. Kindness. Goodness. FAITHFULNESS. Self-control. Patience. Humility. Fire.

I suppose this is just one of those unexpected dips on the rollercoaster of life, that I did not see coming. But......the good news is --- there is a mountain to climb, and the whole world can be seen from the top. 

I really don't have all that much more to say right now....I'm incredibly tired. 

( :

Bed is calling..........I'll be back soon.


[Yes.......at times I feel like this girl. ha.]